Does Instagram notify you when you view a profile? | Can people see when you look at their Instagram

Below is the answer to your question: Can people see when you look at their Instagram? & Does Instagram show who viewed your profile? We are; We’ll help you with all the Instagram-related issues FAQs and errors.

Can people see when you look at their Instagram?

No, They will not be able to know whenever you look at their Instagram profile. Instagram will never share these details with anyone. If someone visits your profile daily, your Instagram won’t tell you about it.

More broadly, if someone just checks your Instagram every day and scrolls through the photos and videos, nobody will ever know about it.

So, No one can see when you look at their Instagram account, even when you see their uploaded photos and videos. Instagram has a policy that never wants to share these details. It hurts the privacy of users.

If someone accidentally likes something while scrolling from posts, then definitely insta will show them a notification that the person liked your post.

Does Instagram Show Who Viewed Your Profile?

No, Instagram never notifies you or gives you access to a list of who views your Instagram profile. However, an excellent way to know whose eye emoji is on your Instagram feed is to see who likes, comments and follows along with your IG Stories regularly.

The most straightforward answer is: that Instagram never notifies you or lets you know who views your Instagram account. But still, if someone likes it, and comments, it can be said that they visited or viewed the profile.


In summary, Instagram maintains a strict stance on user privacy and does not disclose the identities of profile viewers. However, interactions such as likes and comments can hint at someone’s visit to your profile

I hope you found the article helpful. In today’s article, I showed you how to find out if someone has viewed your Instagram account. If you visit someone’s Instagram profile and it’s private, you can only see their Instagram bio, profile picture, and the follow button, including their followers and who they follow. However, the user will not be notified that you visited their profile. Whether their profile is public or private, Instagram does not notify the user that you viewed their profile.

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