How to Unmute Someone on Instagram (2024) updated

Here’s the quickest guide on how to unmute someone on Instagram. Moreover, I will include all the required screenshots for 2024. I’m writing this on 27 December 2024. So it is for the latest version of Instagram. You can follow on any device whether it’s Android or iOS.

Quickly UnMute Someone On Instagram

To unmute someone on Instagram in 2024, open the app, go to “Settings and Privacy,” select “Muted Accounts,” find the account you want to unmute, and tap “Unmute.” Choose what to unmute (Stories, Posts, or Notes), or toggle off all options to completely unmute them, removing them from the Muted Accounts list.

Screenshots are below

How To Unmute Someone On Instagram 2024

Below is a step-by-step guide on unmuting someone on Instagram in 2024, with additional things required. You might have muted someone’s stories, posts, or both. So here’s unmute Instagram.

Step 1: Open the Instagram App Settings

bottom profile picture with top three lines highlighted from instagram app

First, open the app, tap on your profile from the bottom bar, as you can see in the screenshot, tap on three vertical lines from the top, and then hit settings and privacy.

Step 2: Select Muted Accounts

muted accounts highlighted on instagram app settings

Now in the settings, you will find the muted accounts option tap on it, or you can search from the settings 

Step 3: Select ‘UnMute’ from Here

unmute buttons highlighted from instagram app

This is where you can simply tap on the unmute button of the person you want to unmute on Insta.

Suppose in my case, I’m going to unmute Divya, so I tap on the unmute button right ahead of her name.

Step 4: Choose What to Unmute, Stories Posts or Notes

unmuting stories, posts and notes for a someone screenshot
unmuted all of three settings instagram

Now in the menu toggle off what you want to unmute, it would be stories, posts, and notes. However, if you unmute all of these 3 then It will automatically remove the person from a mute section.

For instance, When I unmute Divya from all these it automatically removes Divya from the Muted Accounts section.


  • Open the Instagram app and access the menu by tapping the three vertical lines in the top right corner.
  • In the menu, go to “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Within the “Settings and Privacy” section, find and select “Muted Accounts.”
  • In the “Muted Accounts” section, locate the account you want to unmute and tap the “Unmute” button next to their name.
  • A menu will appear, allowing you to choose what to unmute: Stories, Posts, and Notes. Toggle off the ones you want to unmute, and if you want to completely unmute the person, toggle off all three options.
  • Unmuting all three will automatically remove the person from the “Muted Accounts” section.

In conclusion, unmuting someone on Instagram in 2024 is a straightforward process. By accessing the app’s settings, navigating to the “Muted Accounts” section, and using the “Unmute” option, you can easily restore their visibility on your feed.

Whether it’s stories, posts, or notes that you want to unmute or all of them, Instagram provides a simple way to re-engage with the content of the muted account. This feature enables users to manage their Instagram experience and reconnect with accounts that were previously silenced.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on Instagram, have a nice day.

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