How to unhide threads badge on Instagram Using This! [New Trick]

You might have mistakenly removed the Threads badge from the Instagram app. Now, you have hidden the Threads badge on Instagram. So, how do you unhide Threads badge on Instagram?

Many people want to know how to get it back, but after watching various tutorials on YouTube, they still need clarification. This confusion arises because some individuals created their accounts right at the launch, being among the first 10,000 users to do so. If you’re one of them, let me know when you created your threads account.

login into threads app using instagram account screenshot

Keeping all that aside, today I am going to show you how to unhide Threads on Instagram. This comprehensive guide includes step-by-step instructions and some alternative methods to achieve the same result.

How to Unhide Threads Badge on Instagram [100%] | Alternative

Basically, be clear there is no way out there to unhide Threads Baj on Instagram because there is a confirmation message you get while removing the Threads badge, which says, “You can’t add it back to your profile once you have removed it”

Stopping hopeless, and here is how to get back the thread badge on Instagram using this.

The requirement to unhide threads icon/badge

The only thing that is required to get the Threads badge on Instagram is a Threads profile URL, so simply get only the exam and copy the profile address. 

Step 1: Open the Instagram app

instagram app icon

Step 2: Tap on “Profile,” then select “Edit Profile.”

Instagram Edit Profile Button

Once you’re in the Instagram app, tap on your profile icon at the bottom right, as shown in the screenshot. Then, scroll up to the top and tap on the “Edit Profile” button.

Step 3: Add a Link

links highlighted from edit profile screenshot
adding external link to ig profile screenshot

In this section, you’ll find a link option. Tap on “Links” and then tap on “Add an external link.”

Step 4: Fill in the Details Like This

Now, in this section, you’ll see two fields: the URL and the Title.

when adding a external link on instagram profile

Firstly, paste your friend’s profile URL into the URL field.

Now, here’s the crucial part: make sure to follow this format exactly.

For the Title name, enter Threads Account Number: Threads

setting up threads icon or badge for ig profile screenshot
threads badge back on instagram screenshot
threads badge back on instagram

In the Threads account number, you must insert the number associated with your account creation, which you previously found on your profile. Please remember this number and write it in the Title field, followed by a colon and the word “Threads” after a semicolon.

Quick Summary

To regain the Threads badge, I needed the Threads profile URL. Starting with the Instagram app, I tapped on my profile icon, selected “Edit Profile,” and navigated to the link option. Adding an external link, I pasted the friend’s profile URL and filled in the Title as “Threads Account Number: Threads,” inserting the account creation number and the word “Threads” after a colon.

Other than that there is no particular way officially from Instagram to get the Threads badge back again.

My Experience and Conclusion

This is the only method available for hiding the Threads badge on Instagram. I’ve also created a dedicated article on how to get the Threads badge on Instagram, but this is an entirely different process if you’ve accidentally hidden it. This is how you can recover the Threads badge on

I hope I found the article helpful and will definitely share this article with other people. I will soon link a Youtube video, which will be uploaded on our own YouTube channel guidinginsta, Stay tuned. 

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