How to See Who’s Not Following You Back on Instagram

Have you ever gone on a follow spree, only to realize that many of those new followers you worked so hard to gain aren’t actually following you back? It’s frustrating, but it’s a common issue on Instagram. With over one billion monthly active users, standing out in the Instagram crowd is certainly a challenge.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to separate your true supporters from those who simply hit “follow” without a second glance. In this post, I’ll show you how to see exactly who’s not following you back on Instagram using just a few simple steps

How To See Who Doesn’t Follow You Back On Instagram

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Here are a few ways to see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram:

  • Use third-party apps or websites: There are various apps and sites like Crowdfire, Followers Insight, and Social Blade that can analyze your followers and show you a list of people who don’t follow you back. These tools connect to your Instagram account securely.

See Who Dont Follow You Back Manually

  1. Go to your Instagram followers list and tap on it. Review the list and make a note of those you think you follow.
  2. Now go to your following list. Scroll through it and check the names of people you made a note of earlier. If they don’t show up here, they don’t follow you back.
  3. You can also tap on each follower’s profile and check if you see a Follow Back button under their bio. If yes, it means they don’t follow you.
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  • Try the Recent Tab: Go to your profile and tap the follower number below your bio. Then tap “Recent” on the top. This shows your most recent followers. Tap on each account and check if you see the Follow Back option.
  • Use third-party analytics services: Services like HypeAuditor and InBeat show you a detailed analysis of your followers and following. Their paid plans can identify your non-followers too.

For the purists, the manual approach offers a sense of control and satisfaction. By comparing your “Followers” and “Following” lists, you can identify those who haven’t reciprocated the digital handshake. It’s a straightforward strategy, but for large followings, it can feel like searching for a needle in a social media haystack.

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Bonus Tip: Understanding Why They Fly Away

Here are some common reasons why people may not follow you back on Instagram:

  1. They don’t know you. If you follow someone you don’t know, they may not have any motivation to follow you back since they don’t know who you are.
  2. They want to keep their follower count low. Some people are selective about who they follow to keep their follower-to-following ratio looking a certain way. If you have a lot more followers than they do already, they may not follow back.
  3. They missed your follow-up request. With so many notifications, direct messages, etc, coming through, it’s easy to simply miss that someone new has followed you.
  4. You don’t post content they’re interested in. If you don’t post things they care about or content that aligns with their interests, they may not be compelled to follow you.
  5. Your account seems spammy or inauthentic. Factors like having very few posts, an incomplete profile, lots of spam hashtags, or posting inconsistently can make your account seem questionable.
  6. They only follow people they know in real life. Some use Instagram solely to connect with friends and family. If they don’t know you personally, they may not want to follow you.
  7. You used follow/unfollow or an auto-follow app. These apps can seem disingenuous and may turn people off from following you back.


That’s it for the blog post today. I hope you got the information about how you can view people who don’t follow you back. It is easily identifiable with the tips and tricks I shared in today’s blog.

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