How To See What Someone Likes On Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram doesn’t show us what someone likes on Instagram directly. However, there’s a method that has worked for me multiple times, although not always. This helps me check what the other person likes, giving me a guess about their preferences and overall personality.

This is a very secret method that no one else has ever shared on the web.

So let’s get started with it.

How I Check What Someone Likes On Instagram

So, when you follow someone on Instagram, the platform recognizes that you are their friend. However, if you consistently stalk, message excessively, or frequently check their chats on Instagram, the platform may begin suggesting their liked reels and posts on your reel and homepage feed. Also read, How To See Who Stalks Your Instagram.

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There used to be someone I followed, and I would regularly keep an eye on their Instagram account, checking their stories. Instagram picked up on this behavior, signaling that I was very interested in this person. As a result, when scrolling through my home feed or exploring reels, I would often come across content they liked. Why does this happen? Instagram operates on an algorithm designed to encourage users to spend more time on the platform. So, by tracking a person, Instagram perceives your interest and shows you content associated with them, thinking you might want to see more.

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This is essentially how you can see what someone likes on Instagram, but it’s important to note that there is no direct way to do so.

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Alternatives TO Know What Reels or Posts Someone is Liking on Instagram

Alternatively, one could create a new account and follow the person from there. By repeating the process of tracking, texting, or revisiting their Instagram stories, Instagram recognizes that you have only one friend you are very interested in. Consequently, it starts showing you the reels and content that your friend has liked.

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How To See What Someone Likes On Instagram

In my experience, if you’re curious about what someone else likes on Instagram, it’s worth noting that the platform currently doesn’t provide a direct way to view that information, as this feature was removed in October 2019 due to privacy concerns. However, based on my own exploration, I’ve found a few workarounds that you might find helpful:

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Check the “Likes” list on individual posts

  • When I come across a post that I suspect someone likes, I tap on the “Likes” count below it. This action reveals a list of users who have liked the post, including the person I’m interested in—unless they have hidden their “Like” activity.

Follow the following list

  • To gain a general understanding of someone’s interests, I’ve tried following their “Following” list. This provides insight into all the accounts they follow, offering clues about the type of content they enjoy on Instagram.

Look for common ground in my feeds

  • I pay attention to posts that both the person I’m interested in and I have liked. This can indicate shared interests and give me a sense of the content they enjoy.

Third-party tools (with caution)

  • Some third-party tools claim to offer the ability to track someone’s Instagram activity, including what they like. However, I advise caution as many of these tools are unreliable, may violate Instagram’s terms of service, and could potentially put my own account at risk.

In my case, I always prioritize respecting privacy and avoid using these methods to invade someone’s private space. Instead, I focus on engaging with others directly by commenting on their posts or sending them messages. This approach tends to be more genuine and conducive to building connections.

I recommend keeping in mind that, while finding out what someone likes on Instagram might have limitations, there are still authentic ways to connect and engage based on shared interests and content.


That is it for today’s blog post. In today’s blog, I have dedicatedly shown you all the practical steps and all the secret steps to check what someone else is liking on Instagram, the content they’re consuming. I have personally used this technique multiple times to understand what someone likes on Instagram, gaining insights into the posts they genuinely appreciate and the content they engage with overall.

This is a practical step where I’ve shared my personal experience with it and explored alternate ways. Even when Instagram disabled the feature to see what someone else likes, I’ve discussed how the algorithm continues to play a role.

I still remember the time when Instagram used to show me what someone else had liked. There was a specific tab for it, indicating that a person liked a particular thing. Some people would go there to check what a person liked. However, in 2019, in my view, this feature was disabled due to privacy concerns. Nevertheless, the algorithm is designed to keep you engaged. If you’re not actively engaging or tracking someone, Instagram still shows their content to you, understanding your connection and your interest in knowing more about them.

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