How to Post Together (Invite Collaborator) on Instagram

Here’s exactly how to post together on Instagram, if you are thinking of posting a reel, or a picture together in collaboration then here is the step-by-step guide with all the screenshots. Moreover, this process is also known as inviting collaborators.

Instagram Collabs, introduced in 2021, enables users to co-author feed posts and Reels, offering a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to enhance their reach, engagement, and connections within their niche.

Quick Summary

  • Instagram Collabs was introduced in 2021 for joint feed posts and Reels.
  • Collaborations expand reach, increase engagement, and build industry relationships.

To invite anyone as a collaborator to post a reel or pic together, start by choosing a picture or video, then hit next, here you have to tap on “Tag people ” now you will see “Invite collaborator”, and select it. Now, search for the person you want to tag, and save it by hitting “tick mark”. Now you have done your work to post together, now it depends on the other person if he/she accepts your request.

screenshot of choosing a video or image to post
Step 1
choosing a reel to upload
Step 2
screenshot of instagram app tag people
Step 3
screenshot of invite collaborator instagram
Step 4
invite collaborator tab
Step 5
screenshot of invited someone as collabing or posting together
tagged somone before posting highlighted

Now let’s see how to accept collaborator invites or post together if you have access to both accounts. Firstly, if you find the notification that XYZ persons tagged you in a post/reel, tap on it. Now right below the post, there’s an option to review, select it. A new menu will appear where you have to accept the invite by clicking accept, to post together on instagram.

screenshot of reviewing invite as collabrator
received notification in instagram for tagged screenshot
accept invite collaborator menu screenshot
highlighted invite collaborator post aka reel

Inviting Someone as a Collaborator

  • Choose Content:
    • Start by selecting a picture or video you want to post together.
  • Navigate to Next:
    • After choosing your content, tap “Next” to proceed.
  • Tag People:
    • In the tagging phase, tap on “Tag people.”
  • Invite Collaborator:
    • Look for the option “Invite collaborator” and select it.
  • Search and Save:
    • Search for the person you want to collaborate with and save by hitting the “tick mark.”
  • Your Part is Done:
    • With the collaborator tagged, your part of posting together is complete.
  • Await Acceptance:
    • The collaborator will receive a notification and can accept or decline your request.

Accepting Collaborator Invites:

  • Check Notifications:
    • If you receive a notification that someone (e.g., XYZ) tagged you in a post or Reel, tap on it.
  • Review the Post:
    • Right below the post, find the option to review and select it.
  • Accept the Invite:
    • A new menu will appear, and you can accept the invite by clicking “Accept.”
  • Post Together on Instagram:
    • Once accepted, the collaborative post will be shared on both accounts.

These simple steps guide you through inviting someone as a collaborator to post together on Instagram. Remember, collaboration is a two-way street, and the other person needs to accept your invitation for the joint post to be successful.

Creating a Collaborative Post for Posting Together

Step 1: Create the Post

  • Choose content type: photo, video, or Reel.
  • Edit content as desired.

Step 2: Invite a Collaborator

  • Tap “Tag people.”
  • Select “Invite collaborator.”
  • Search for the collaborator’s account and tap to select.
  • Tap “Done.”

Step 3: Publish the Post

  • Tap “Share.”
  • The collaborator receives a notification to accept.
  • The post is shared on both profiles upon acceptance.

Benefits of Collaborative Posts

  • Reach a Wider Audience:
    • Introduces content to collaborator’s followers.
    • Especially beneficial with collaborators having a different audience.
  • Increase Engagement:
    • Joint posts often generate more likes, comments, and shares.
    • Seen by two different sets of followers.
  • Build Relationships:
    • Collaboration fosters relationships in your industry.
    • Leads to future collaborations and opportunities.

Tips for Successful Collaborations

  • Choose the Right Collaborator:
    • Collaborate with a relevant account in your industry.
    • A positive reputation and a strong following are essential.
  • Communicate Effectively:
    • Maintain clear communication throughout the collaborative process.
  • Promote the Post:
    • Actively promote collaborative posts on social media.
    • Encourage followers to engage with likes, comments, and shares.


In conclusion, leverage Instagram Collabs to reach a wider audience, increase engagement, and build valuable industry relationships. Start collaborating today to maximize the benefits of this powerful feature.

That’s it for the blog post, Today I have shown you How you can invite collaborators on Instagram to post together on the Instagram app. With all the screenshots, and other details. Have a nice day.

Additional Tips

  • Collaborate on both feed posts and Reels.
  • Collaborators can add their captions and tags once the invitation is accepted.
  • The post creator can remove the collaborator at any time.

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