How to Get Instagram profile link from IG app 2023

Okay, okay, here’s how to get your Instagram profile link from the app! You might want your own Instagram profile Link (URL) to share with friends or somewhere else. 

Question; how do i find my instagram url?

How to Get an Instagram Profile Link

But you might be struggling to find your own Instagram profile link. Because Instagram doesn’t allow us to copy our own Instagram profile link, how do we get an Instagram profile link from the app or get our own? 

Step 1: Open the Web Browser

chrome browser home tab opened on phone screenshot

To start, open any web browser or use Google Chrome. I’m doing this on my Samsung M33 using the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Enter the following term in chrome
screenshot of entering instagram.comusername

Now, in the search bar, simply enter “”.

Step 3: Enter your username

when i get my profile link
when i entered username in url for profile link

Right after the slash, enter your username. For example, if your username is “guidinginsta”, it should look like this: “”. Now, hit enter or you can copy this directly. This is your profile link.

If you’re considering obtaining a profile link from apps, I’m sorry to say that there is no way to do it. You may have come across numerous YouTube videos claiming that you can achieve it through various methods, but none of them work. I’ve tested this thoroughly and can confirm that none of those methods are effective.

Reviewing a YouTube Video On Share Profile Link From The App

follow and invite friends in instagram app settings
sharing invite link
I'm on Instagram as @guidinginsta. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.  (this is the link i get) it is not working!

However, there are some issues I encountered when I attempted this step after watching a YouTube video. I found that there isn’t a straightforward way to obtain the direct profile link on Instagram. The easiest method to get your Instagram profile URL is by opening your profile in the Chrome app, or you can simply type “” and then enter your username after the slash. This will directly open your Instagram profile in any browser or any other application.

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Now let me summarise everything I showed you in this tutorial to ensure you remember it for a long time. 

  • Open your Instagram and tap on your profile to check your username. 
  • Now open any web browser and type: It would be best if you replaced the username with your username. 
  • When you hit the URL, you will be redirected to your Instagram profile, which is your profile link. 
  • You can share this link with anyone on the Internet. Whenever they visit this link, they will be redirected to your Instagram profile. 
instgram profile link

However, Instagram also allows copying someone else’s Instagram profile link. 

If you have multiple accounts on your smartphone, then you can log in from another account and find out your account. 

At this point, you will see three dots on the top right-hand side. Click on them, and you will see a copy link button. 

The moment you tap on it, the profile URL of that particular person will be copied. 

What is my Instagram URL? Your Instagram URL is your username which you have to enter right after Something like:


Ok, today I showed you how to get an Instagram profile link. How to get someone’s Instagram profile link. 

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