Instagram Link In Bio Not Working (How I FIXED) easy

Now this is something that is not working, this time, it’s the instagram link in the bio not working, here we have how to fix it, easily.

It plays a huge role in getting a high conversion, CTA, etc. But if it’s not working then probably then 

This Works For Me

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Have you ever experienced the frustration of clicking on an Instagram link in your bio, only to find a page that won’t load? This is a common issue for many users and can be caused by different factors. It could be due to an incorrectly formatted link, a website that’s temporarily down, or glitches in the Instagram app. The impact of an unresponsive link in your bio goes beyond mere inconvenience. It can damage user trust, disrupt brand promotion, and hinder your overall online success.

Quick Summary

  • A clickable link in bio is essential for directing Instagram traffic to external websites or content.
  • A non-functional link in the bio can lead to lost opportunities and a diminished online presence.

Checklist Why the Instagram Link In Bio Not Working

In my experience, when I encountered issues with the Instagram link in bio not working, I went through a checklist to identify and fix the problem.

Firstly, I made sure to check the placement of the link. It’s essential to add it to the designated “Website” field and not in the bio description. This simple step can often be overlooked but makes a significant difference.
Next, I meticulously examined the link for any URL formatting errors. Typos, missing characters, or incorrect protocols can hinder the link’s functionality, so I paid close attention to ensure everything was correct.
I also took a moment to verify the availability of the linked website. Sometimes, the issue might not be with Instagram but with the website itself. Ensuring that the website is functioning properly and accessible to users is crucial.
In my case, I checked if my Instagram app was up to date. Outdated apps can sometimes cause compatibility issues, so I visited the app store, looked for updates, and installed the latest version to rule out any app-related problems.
Lastly, I considered the possibility of temporary glitches. Server-side issues or app malfunctions can occur, causing temporary disruptions. In such cases, patience is key, and waiting for these issues to be resolved can often solve the problem.
By going through these steps, I successfully addressed the Instagram link in bio not working issue and restored the functionality of my link. I recommend following this checklist if you encounter a similar issue to troubleshoot and resolve it effectively.

How to Fix Instagram Link in Bio Not Working

If you find yourself facing the predicament of an unresponsive link in your bio, fear not! With a few simple steps, you can restore functionality and regain control over your Instagram presence.

If you’re facing the frustration of your Instagram link in bio not working, don’t worry—I’ve got you covered! In my experience, resolving this issue involves a few straightforward steps to get your link back up and running.

Firstly, I’ve noticed that sometimes people mistakenly add the link to the bio description instead of the designated “Website” field. So, what I did was go to my Instagram profile and tapped on “Edit Profile.”

In my case, I made sure to locate the “Website” field specifically and pasted my desired link there. I took extra care to avoid any typos or formatting errors in the URL, ensuring everything was correct.

After saving the changes, I tested the link’s clickability by tapping on it. This step is crucial to confirm that the link is now working as expected.

If the issue persisted, I considered checking if my Instagram app was up to date. So, I went to the app store, looked for updates, and installed the latest version.

In my experience, if the problem still lingered, a simple restart of the Instagram app or even a complete reinstallation often did the trick.

However, if all else fails, I recommend reaching out to Instagram support for further assistance. In my case, they’ve been helpful in resolving more persistent issues.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where your Instagram link in bio isn’t working, follow these steps, and in my experience, you should be able to tackle the issue effectively!

My Experience With It

In my experience, preventing future links in bio issues involves taking proactive measures. Here are some steps I recommend:

  • Regular Review and Updates: I’ve found it crucial to regularly review and update the link in the bio. This ensures that it stays relevant and functional over time.
  • Link Shorteners: I’ve personally found it beneficial to use link shorteners. They help make long URLs more manageable and visually appealing in my bio.
  • Cross-Device Testing: When I did cross-device testing, I discovered it’s essential. Testing the link in the bio from different devices and browsers ensures consistent functionality.


That’s it for the blog post today, which simply solves the problem of the link not working in Bio on the Instagram app. If you have more thoughts about this, or let me know your device model, and support, I used the iphone 13 on which I faced the link bio stopped working, then I went through the same steps and conquered it.

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