Add Yours Not Working (Instagram) Best Fixes

Tired of the “Add Yours” sticker acting up on your Instagram Stories and Reels? Or add yours instagram not working. You’re not alone! This popular feature can sometimes glitch, leaving you frustrated and unable to connect with your followers. But fear not, fellow content creators! This guide is here to diagnose and fix common “Add Yours” sticker issues.

Quick Summary

Getting an “Add Yours” Instagram Sticker Malfunction? How to Fix Your Interactive Story

That “Add Yours” sticker can spur captivating story chains – when it works. But a glitchy sticker can derail your Instagram narrative and leave your followers stranded.

screenshot of creating a add yours story

Before you watch user engagement crumble, let’s get that sticker functioning again! This guide breaks down common “Add Yours” issues, easy first troubleshooting steps, and deeper fixes to restore your Instagram interactive story power.

Recognizing the Trouble

First, let’s identify the culprit. Is the “Add Yours” sticker:

  • Missing from the sticker tray altogether?
  • Refusing to let you add a prompt or text?
  • Clicking into oblivion, without triggering anything?
  • Leaving your followers stranded, unable to join the chain?

If you answered yes to any of these, get ready to put that glitch in its place!

screenshot of insta story of add yours template

Troubleshooting Tips

Before diving deep, try simple fixes like:

  • App Update: Ensure you have the latest Instagram version
  • Device Reboot: A quick restart can work wonders
  • Internet Check: Switch networks or disable mobile data momentarily

I’ve had “Add Yours” stickers glitch from poor connections at crowded venues or remote locations relying on spotty mobile data.Changing networks or turning mobile data on/off forced an app refresh restoring sticker function for me.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If basic steps don’t resolve sticker issues, we have to dig deeper:

  • Toggle Airplane Mode: Switch it on/off to disrupt then reconnect
  • Reinstall Instagram App: Deletes temporary glitch-causing files
  • Clear App Cache and Data: Forces resets of cached corrupt data
  • Submit Bug Report: Report issues directly to Instagram

While frustrating mid-story, a finicky “Add Yours” sticker has defined fixes to restore your Instagram narrative flow. With a few targeted troubleshooting steps, you can continue crafting viral stories that captivate audiences for longer – no glitch can stop you!

Sticker-Specific Solutions

If the basics don’t work, try these targeted fixes:

  • Reinstall Instagram: A fresh install can clear temporary glitches.
  • Clear App Cache and Data: This removes residual files causing trouble.
  • Log Out and Back In: A fresh login can refresh your connection.
  • New Story/Reel: Try creating a new canvas and adding the sticker again.

Advanced Troubleshooting To Fix Add Yours Instagram Not Working

Still stuck? Don’t give up!

  • Report the Issue: Let Instagram know through their Help Center.
  • Online Resources: Check forums and social media for known bugs and fixes.

Creative Alternatives:

While we get the “Add Yours” itch, here are some other ways to engage:

  • Polls and Questions: Get instant feedback and spark conversations.
  • Live Q&A Sessions: Chat directly with your audience in real time.
  • Open-Ended Caption Prompts: Encourage creative responses in comments.


Don’t let a glitchy “Add Yours” sticker dull your creativity! By trying out the troubleshooting tips and experimenting with alternative features, you can keep your audience engaged and your stories thriving. Keep in mind that future updates may offer a permanent solution, and Instagram’s creative tools provide endless opportunities for connection. So keep adding your unique voice to the platform, and happy Instagramming!

Ready to dive into the next section and tackle those specific troubleshooting steps? Just let me know!

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