How to Find Story Drafts on Instagram

This is exactly how to find the story drafts on Instagram or simply view the saved story to upload later with all the screenshots. So don’t worry. We’ll guide you from start to end.

Quick Summary

For me there are two methods that worked, tap on the plus button “+”, then select the stories, and now hit the Gallery icon (where all your images and videos are listed) Here you will find the drafts on the top, right next to the recents. After selecting the drafts, you will see all the stories that you stored as drafts. But keep in mind that the story’s draft will be deleted permanently after a few days, so you won’t be able to access it. Generally, it’s around 2-4 days.

screenshot of gallery icon when creating a story
add a story with highlighted drafts screenshot
screenshot of saved and drafted story

Secondly, there’s an alternative way of accessing instagram story drafts, it is by swiping up from the button then you are in the story creation menu, then find and select the drafts from the top. This will show you all the drafts or save them for later stories.

screenshot of swiping up story with arrrow
screenshot of saved and drafted story cropped

Method 1: Locating Story Drafts for Android Users

  • Open the Instagram app on your Android device.
  • Tap on the “+” icon situated at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the “Story” option from the menu.
  • Swipe left on the gallery screen until you arrive at the “Drafts” section.
  • Your saved story drafts will be prominently displayed within the “Drafts” section.

Method 2: Locating Story Drafts for iPhone Users

  • Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone device.
  • Tap the “+” icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the “Story” option from the menu.
  • Tap on the circular icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Switch to the “Drafts” tab to view your saved story drafts.

Method 3: Additional Tips for Managing Story Drafts

  • Deleting Story Drafts: Long press on the draft you want to delete, then tap on the “Delete” option.
  • Editing Story Drafts: Select the draft you want to edit, then make the desired changes using the editing tools available within the story creation screen.
  • Sharing Story Drafts: Choose the draft you want to share, then tap on the “Share” option. Customize your story’s visibility settings before sharing if needed.

How I Locate Story Drafts on Android

To find my story drafts on Instagram, I make sure I’m logged into my Instagram account and that the app is up to date.

  • Firstly, I opened the Instagram app. Next, I tap on the “+” icon located at the bottom of the screen. This action opens the post creation screen, where I can choose to create a feed post, story, reel, or guide.
  • I then select the “Story” option by swiping right or left to navigate through the available post options. Once I reach the “Story” option, I tap on it to proceed.
  • Now, I swipe left on the gallery screen until I reach the “Drafts” section. The gallery screen displays my recent camera roll images and videos. Swiping left takes me directly to where my saved story drafts are located.
  • Within the “Drafts” section, I can easily access and manage my story drafts. If I want to resume editing, I simply tap on the draft. To share it directly to my story, I choose the appropriate option. And if I decide to delete a draft, I long-press on it and select the “Delete” option.

In my experience, this process ensures that my creative ideas are seamlessly stored and ready for further editing or sharing whenever I need them. If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage your Instagram story drafts, I recommend following these steps to make the most of the feature.

Instagram stories have become a staple in the social media realm, offering users a dynamic platform for creative expression. In the midst of crafting these stories, users often find the need to save drafts for later refinement and sharing. This guide aims to walk you through the process of finding story drafts on Instagram, ensuring that your creative endeavors are never lost in the vastness of the app.


In conclusion, saving story drafts on Instagram is a valuable practice that ensures your creative ideas are not lost in the shuffle. This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to effortlessly locate and manage your story drafts on both Android and iPhone devices. Embrace the convenience of story drafts to enhance your Instagram experience, allowing your creativity to shine without the constraints of time.

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