What Does the Order of Instagram Story Views Mean?

Now, people have the question: What does the order of Instagram story views mean? Does it mean that people at the top of the list are the ones who are more interested or have viewed your story multiple times?

To address this question, we conducted a test to determine whether the order of Instagram story views depends on engagement, likes, or multiple viewings of a story.

Quick Summary

  • The first 50 viewers appear in chronological order.
  • After 50 views, Instagram’s algorithm ranks viewers based on engagement.
  • Factors influencing engagement include profile visits, likes, comments, DMs, and a Close Friends list.
  • Top viewers indicate strong engagement, not necessarily obsession.
  • View order can help gauge audience interest and track story performance.
  • Don’t obsess over viewer order; focus on creating engaging content.
instagram story views analytics with some likes

Instagram Story View Order with a Small Following

With only 50 followers and 29 story viewers, the situation regarding your view order becomes even more interesting! Here’s a breakdown of possible scenarios:

instagram story 14 views screenshot

1. Pure Engagement-Based Order

  • It’s likely that even with 29 viewers, the order is already influenced by engagement rather than pure chronology. This means the individuals you have the most interaction with (likes, comments, DMs, profile visits) will appear closer to the top, regardless of when they saw your story.
no story views screenshot

Order of Instagram Story Views Mean

Here’s how Instagram’s view order works, as observed by users and experts:

What the View Order Can Tell You

The view order can provide valuable insights into your audience and content performance:

  • Identify Your Most Engaged Followers: The people consistently appearing at the top are likely your most engaged followers.
  • Gauge Audience Interest: A high view count with relatively low engagement might indicate broader reach but less personal connection.
  • Track Story Performance: Monitor changes in view to see which content resonates most with your audience.

Myths and Misconceptions of Instagram Story Views Order

Let’s clear up some common myths about the view order:

  • The “Stalker Theory”: It’s a misconception that top viewers are constantly checking your profile. They’re simply more engaged with your content overall.
  • Real-Time Viewing: The order doesn’t necessarily reflect who’s watching your story right now. It updates with new interactions.
  • Paid Promotions and Bots: Paid promotions and bot activity can temporarily affect the view order, but genuine engagement holds more weight in the long run.

Instagram Story View Order: Engagement vs. Chronology

View CountOrder TypeTop ViewersEngagement LevelInsights
50Mixed (Chronological & Engagement)Strong engagement within the smaller audienceVariesShows initial audience + growing engagement
100Mostly EngagementMost engaged followers, some early viewersModerate-HighMixed engagement, potential reach beyond the core audience
120Mostly EngagementEarly viewers followed by the most engagedLow-ModerateStrong core engagement with a broader reach
150Mostly EngagementHighly engaged followed by moderately engagedModerate-HighStrong core engagement with a broader audience, moderate influence of algorithm
165Mostly EngagementMost engaged, occasional chronological outliersHighHigh engagement with potential paid promotions or bots
500Mostly EngagementHighly engaged, possibly paid promotions or botsHighLarge audience with strong core engagement, possible external influences
1000Mostly EngagementHeavily engaged followers, potential broader reachMedium-HighStrong core engagement with broader audience, moderate influence of algorithm


That’s it for the blog post today. Today, I showed you all the things you need to know about the Instagram story view order – What does the order of Instagram story views mean? I explained everything with screenshots and shared my personal experience with it. I hope you enjoyed this information and gained some valuable, unforgettable insights.

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