What Does Archived Mean on Instagram? (Know Your Hidden Posts A to Z)

Here’s Exactly What archive means on instagram, how it works, and some related faqs.

Quick Summary

  • Archiving isn’t deleting: Archived posts disappear from your public profile but stay saved for you to see, edit, or re-share.
  • Declutter your feed: Hide old photos, reorganize your story, or keep it private – archiving offers flexibility.
  • Easy access & control: Find your archived posts in a dedicated section and choose to unarchive, edit, or even permanently delete them.

Instagram, the king of photo sharing, lets you showcase your life, connect with friends, and explore the world through captivating visuals. But what if you want to hide a post without losing it forever? That’s where the archive feature comes in, offering a handy way to manage your Instagram presence.

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screenshot of stories, posts archive and live archives

What is Archiving?

Think of archiving as taking your post off the main stage and storing it backstage. It removes the post from your public profile, making it invisible to your followers and anyone browsing your feed. But unlike deleting, archiving keeps the post safe and sound. You can still see it, access its likes and comments, and even bring it back to the limelight whenever you wish.

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Why Archive Posts?

Archiving posts has proven to be more than just a way to stash away forgotten vacation photos for me. In my experience, there are several compelling reasons why you might want to consider using this feature:

In my case, I recommend and suggest using the archive feature strategically to enhance the overall appearance and narrative of your Instagram profile. When you find yourself in situations similar to mine, consider these benefits of archiving to make the most out of your social media experience.

How to Archive a Post

Archiving is a breeze! Here’s how to do it on both mobile and desktop:


posts archive on instagram
  1. Go to the post you want to archive.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Archive” from the menu.


screenshot of calendar in stories archive
  1. Click on the post you want to archive.
  2. Click the three dots below the post.
  3. Select “Archive” from the menu.

Accessing and Managing Archived Posts

Your archived posts are waiting for you in a dedicated section. Here’s how to find them:

screenshot of instagram stories archive with on this day
  1. Tap or click your profile picture on the bottom right corner of the app.
  2. Go to the clock icon in the top right corner of your profile (mobile) or the “Archive” section on your profile page (desktop).
  3. Browse through your archived posts, view likes and comments, and choose to:
    • Unarchive: Bring the post back to your public profile.
    • Edit: Change the caption or add location tags.
    • Delete permanently: Say goodbye to the post for good.

Additional Notes and Tips

  • You can also archive Instagram stories! Follow the same steps as for posts and they’ll be nestled in your Archive section.
  • Pro tip: Use the search bar in the Archive section to find specific posts easily.
  • Remember, archived posts still count towards your total post count.

Archived Instagram Posts and Reels

Instagram’s archive feature allows users to hide their previously posted content from their profile without losing it. This feature is especially useful for users who want to remove certain posts from their feeds but still keep them for personal reference. When a post is archived, it is saved in a private section of the user’s account that is only accessible to them.

The archived posts can be restored to their original location on the profile or permanently deleted. As for some frequently asked questions, users often wonder if archived posts are still visible to their followers or if they will be notified when a post is archived. The answer to both questions is no – archived posts are only visible to the user who archived them, and there is no notification sent to followers when a post is archived.


Archiving isn’t just hiding content; it’s about taking control of your Instagram experience. Use it to curate your feed, maintain privacy, or simply relive past moments without overwhelming your followers. So explore the possibilities, embrace the archive, and keep your Instagram story evolving!

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