Screenshots on Instagram: Myth vs. Reality [What to Look For]

Many of you may be wondering how to know if someone screenshots your Instagram story. This is a question that has been asked by Instagram users on the Instagram handle @guidinginsta, and here is the accurate answer, with a proper live demonstration of what happens when you screenshot a story.

How To Know If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story?

You may wonder how you can know if someone has taken a screenshot of your Instagram story, profile, or post. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure if someone has taken a screenshot of your content.

screenshot of a instagram story

However, you can do a few things to make it more difficult for people to screenshot your content. For example, you can set your account to private so that only people you approve can see your content.

Finally, you can be mindful of what content you share on Instagram, and avoid sharing anything that you would not want others to see.

What Happens If I Screenshot An Instagram Story, Instagram Profile, Or Posts?

When you screenshot someone’s Instagram story, they will not be notified that you have done so. The person who owns the story will not be able to see your profile picture and the name of the device that you used to take the screenshot.

Live proof of Taking Screenshots of Instagram Stories, Posts, or Profile

Here’s an example: I just took a screenshot of a public Instagram story, and as you can see, the poster didn’t get a notification. That’s because lots of people take screenshots of Instagram stories every day, so it wouldn’t make sense for Instagram to send out a notification for every single one.

If you’re worried that someone will be notified if you screenshot their private story, don’t worry—Instagram doesn’t do that either. The only time Instagram will notify a user that someone has taken a screenshot is if they’re using the vanish mode.

vanish mode working

Vanish mode is a private chat feature where both users can see each other’s messages disappear after they’re read. If you screenshot a message in vanish mode, the other user will get a notification that says you took a screenshot. Learn more about vanish mode here. If vanish mode not working check this.

So there you have it! Now you know how Instagram handles screenshots.

How Instagram Handles Screenshots: Personal Experience

lot of screenshots from the instagram app in gallery

It is essential to be open and honest when taking screenshots. Personally, I have taken numerous screenshots from Instagram, whether it be from Shreya Pattar, a freelancer who provides helpful advice for fellow freelancers, or from others’ stories.

There may be instances where you want to save someone’s picture or their ideology that is shared on Instagram stories, and it is possible to take screenshots of Instagram stories, posts, and profiles without them notifying you. 


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